7 ideas for smart decoration

7 ideas for smart decoration

Student life marks the beginning of the most important changes. Starting, of course, with your first, convicted, home, its decor and its  painting!

Reading, relaxing, friends, personal moments within a few blocks: Since dormitories are usually studios or apartments, you need to take advantage of every square with clever decorating ideas without falling into the error of very common choices!

Of course, you are mainly guided by your finances and the management that you are called to do for the first time. So organize properly and you will create a student house, which expresses your style and personality! See how to decorate your student house smartly and economically, following the fresh ideas we found for you!

1. Your study space

It should predispose you positively and inspire you to read and create. That’s why, apart from the office itself, it is very important where you look when you sit in it. You can paint the wall (in a darker color) and use it as a blackboard for everyday notes, so at a glance you will know where you are going. You can also cover it with cork boards and pin it over the “sos”, and the “things to do” lists up to your useful cards and accounts. Also, do not forget to write expressions that inspire and motivate you in your house in New Jersey!

2. Your versatile student bed

Choose a bed with storage space and maintaining your ergonomic tendency, you can place a series of pallets under it. You elevate it a little more, while at the same time you gain more storage space, to put slippers, shoes, boxes or whatever else you want near you, to catch them with one movement, without having to move from your bed. If you want to win from an aesthetic point of view, paint the palettes in the color of the bed!

3. Your sofa

This piece of furniture is probably the most favorite of every student for all seasons and for a variety of uses. Everyone is known for their love of fluff and hair when we “melt” on the couch during our student life. Choose a sofa based on your material, shade or budget to find the exquisite one!

A sofa with a cool, smooth fabric will definitely cost you more and in winter just turn it into a huge warm hug with a fluffy throw or a blanket!

4. Your favorite photo

In order to feel close to your family or even your friends, who are leaving for the first time, you want their photos to accompany you in your student house as well. A beautiful way is, on a light tube or cable with bulbs to place the photos with your loved ones with wooden or colorful pegs.

You can decorate the spot above the bed, sofa, TV, shelves or bookcase!

5. Your library

In a small space it is a bit difficult to isolate yourself, so the solution of the divider is necessary to relax. But how do you achieve a beautiful décor for your dormitory that combines usability and style? A bookcase can become a nice divider in front of your bed or on the side, it isolates squares and gives you the impression of creating a new space. This way you can rest and relax better. Choose a bookcase in the same color as your walls, so that your bookcase can be easily integrated into the space.

Also some of the bookshelves in addition to books can accommodate a thousand and two items that were to be stored or favorite decorations!

6. Your living room

Definitely in the living room of your dormitory, you want to fit all your student group or at least the most close fellow students! It is a smart idea to place benches or chests – stools around or opposite the coffee table which also have storage space.

By placing pillows on them you have a mental extension of the sofa and plenty of space for your new friends to sit!

7. The wall of your expression

Of course, you intend to allocate a low budget for the whole project, but this does not mean that you can not achieve a special and careful decoration of a student house! Very smart, creative and above all economical, give a note of luxury to your dormitory, with paintings (one large or two – three smaller) high on the wall and painting a fireplace low!

Putting candles in the fireplace and natural sounds on YouTube, you have a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy and relax after your study alone or with friends!


Now is the time to take your creativity to the next level. Keep in mind, however, that small spaces need to be decorated in style, so that it does not become a very crowded house and of course you can move around comfortably in it. Small and large objects are preferable to many small ones!

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