8 reasons why your TV doesn’t open

The TV is a device Επισκευή service τηλεοράσεων that almost all of us use every day as it is a small companion. Of course, there are people who avoid it and others who can not imagine their day without it. Many times, however, since we are talking about a device, it makes sense that it will brake. At a point where you see your favorite series, news or football match it is quite unpleasant to interrupt its operation. In case this happens to you, it is very important to repair the damage in a very short time and 24gr is always there for you.

It would be good not to try to repair it yourself as it is most likely if you do not have the technical knowledge to cause more damage. Black lines on the screen, sound damage, disobedience to the controller or just not turning on the TV are some of the most common problems you will face.

1. The brightness has decreased

One possible reason that the TV screen does not open is that a setting has been “tampered with”. In particular, there is a possibility that you or someone else in the house has intentionally or unintentionally adjusted the brightness or contrast level. This is very easily done through the menu with the help of the remote control. Therefore, if it appears from the TV indication that it is turned on and produces sound but you have no picture, then check this solution. This is a possible cause that you can easily correct on your own as long as you are cunning!

2. The socket does not work or is not connected

As obvious as it may seem to you, it is very likely to happen because the critical moment does not cross your mind. So before you find out that the problem is technical, make sure that the socket where you plug the TV cable is working. Also, if you use a power strip, make sure its switch is on. Especially if you have children at home, it is possible that they have locked him up for a game. Also, make sure the TV cable is plugged in. It is very likely that you took it out to plug in the cable of another device and forgot to replace it. Finally, check if your remote control has a problem and needs new batteries or a total change. You will notice this if the TV turns on normally from the button on the device.

3. The power supply has burned out

Once you have ruled out the possible causes, let’s move on to the more technical ones. The power supply is a component of the TV that controls how much power your TV “draws”. As its name suggests, it measures the power supply. One possible reason, then, that the TV screen does not open is that the device has exceeded the permissible consumption limit. Once this happens the power supply burns out and needs to be replaced.

4. The LED lights are broken

If you have a LED panel TV, then one possible reason why the TV screen does not open is the LED lights. Blacklist backlight technology is used in Led panel technology. It consists of liquid crystals that rotate to penetrate the right amount of light needed to give an image. So, if your TV turns on but has only sound or turns on and off on its own, then the LED lights need to be replaced. They consist of three bars with six LEDs each, so it would be good to change all three, so as not to create the same problem in the future.

5. There is a problem with the motherboard

Another possible technical reason why the TV does not turn on is the motherboard. It is possible that it needs to be replaced, which means that the same model board will have to be found. However, in order to check if there is a problem, the voltages must be measured. Ideally a technician should measure whether the voltage at the output of the board is as specified or required. If they do not match, then a change must be made.

6. Capacitors are defective

If the TV screen does not open or the TV turns off on its own and does not turn on again, it may be due to the capacitors. Capacitors or electrolytic capacitors are located on the motherboard. The technician can check if they are damaged or not. They will find out if they are swollen at the top and / or if they have brown spots. In this case it means that they need change. However, keep in mind that it is common for capacitors to fail after a period of time.

7. The remote control does not respond

If the TV works normally from the buttons of the device itself (eg volume change, on / off), but not from the remote control, then check all the batteries first. Sometimes, in our panic we tend to forget the basic things our equipment needs. So, all you have to do is change the batteries and make sure they are installed correctly.

8. Vertical or horizontal black lines appear on the screen

If the lines are moving in a continuous stream, it is probably not one of the common TV faults, but they are due to a weak signal. So you need to find out what the problem is with the TV antenna. Otherwise, it may be due to loose cables inside the device. If the lines are static, then some of the pixels on the screen are probably burned out.

We hope you find yourself more aware of possible TV failures! Even if we think we have the basic knowledge to do TV repair, the best thing to do is to choose to outsource the work to the professionals for sure and guaranteed results. If, however, the TV still turns off on its own, or some other problem persists it is better to leave it in the hands of an experienced professional.

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