Happy Earth Day! - The Pai Life

Happy Earth Day! – The Pai Life

Each and every year on the 22nd April, Earth Working day is noticed throughout the world as a working day to rejoice the surroundings and raise recognition of environmental issues.

At Pai, we’re committed to lowering our influence on the earth – each single working day.

Here’s a couple of issues we’re executing ideal now:

  1. Our Soil Affiliation certification means we source substances that are developed to natural and organic benchmarks – without the need of the use of pesticides and solvents. It also means all elements must be sustainable serving to us to invest in nearby communities and reduce about-farming. Organic and natural farming encourages varied eco-methods, allowing for wildlife to flourish in a natural way with substantially far more birds, plant species and pollinators (bees and butterflies) than non-organic farming. It also means that we in no way use endangered plant species, this sort of as rosewood critical oil, assisting preserve and secure the cherished remaining resources.
  2. Instead than transport major pallets of double distilled water from elsewhere in the nation, we invested in a bespoke drinking water filtration method. This process lowers our water consumption by 50% for every year and uses 80% less vitality than some systems. It also permits us to recirculate some of the squander drinking water – meaning the way we make your goods is considerably extra successful and eco-friendly.
  3. We do our very very best to avoid plastic throughout the variety – opting for glass wherever attainable (52% of the array is in glass packaging). Where by we have to use plastic, we use hDPE and polypropylene, equally of which are recyclable.

While PET is the most quickly recyclable plastic, there are problems about the migration of BPA (a probable hormone disruptor) into the solution. It’s not a thing we come to feel we can threat, so all of our plastic packaging is BPA-absolutely free.

Our 200ml Cleanser Tubes are now created from 100% biodegradable and renewable sugarcane bio-plastic, something we are hoping to move all of our plastic tubes as well quickly.

The packing chips we use within containers are known as EcoFlo chips which are made from maize-starch and are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable much too.

Caring for the setting is the appropriate matter to do – and it also aids us slumber at evening!

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