Lanolin and Sensitive Skin - The Pai Life

Lanolin and Sensitive Skin – The Pai Life


Growing up, lanolin was generally in our rest room cabinet.

My Mum, a kiwi, swore by it, and it was one particular of people items that, when she was a child, was in each New Zealand domestic.

Also identified as ‘wool wax’, lanolin is manufactured by sheep to maintain their woolly coats water resistant. While it elicits a bit of nostalgia now, I was hardly ever a lover. It was so greasy and had a distinct farmyard odor about it!

When we ended up formulating our multipurpose Head To Toe Hero Buriti Balm, I was eager to leave it out. Partly simply because we’re dedicated to keeping our items vegan, but also since there are greater decisions for sensitive pores and skin.

Lanolin can result in sensitivity and allergic get in touch with dermatitis, even in all those with normally unreactive pores and skin, and nobody is actually confident why.

Just one idea is that lanolin is comparable to our individual pores and skin in terms of the chemical composition, so can penetrate deeper, growing the risk of sensitivity.

An additional concept is that Sheep dips (quite sturdy fungicides utilised to rid animals of parasites) are to blame, as they leave residues in the extracted lanolin.

However, lanolin is a intricate product created up of countless numbers of molecules and there are so several variables in its output, building pinpointing a cause challenging.

Every thing from the breed of sheep and its habitat, to the way lanolin is refined, can affect a concluded product or service and its prospective to irritate.

We use sensitive skin-helpful berry wax in our Head To Toe Hero Buriti Balm, to replicate lanolin’s smooth balmy texture and protecting properties.


Bear in mind – lanolin does not only occur in tubs and tubes. You could discover traces in your wardrobe much too!

If woolly fibres are leaving you itchy, attempt alpaca wool instead. These fuzzy friends have lanolin-cost-free fluff  – it is also softer and less scratchy than sheep’s wool.

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