The lowdown on Ectoine - The Pai Life

The lowdown on Ectoine – The Pai Life

Our Age Self-confidence Product has experienced a little bit of a strengthen final year. Just one of the new ingredients we’ve included is Ectoine. It is a skin marvel we have preferred to use for a extended time and now we ultimately have.

So, if you’re thinking just what will make Ectoine a surprise skin component, then read through on.

Experts astonishingly identified Ectoine in an Egyptian desert in 1985. It is a material that shields modest microorganisms escalating in some of the earth’s most hostile and critical environments, this sort of as salt lakes and deserts.

Ectoine is an amino acid regarded as an ‘Extremolyte’. Extremolytes are purely natural anxiety defense molecules that microorganisms and crops deliver to assist counter stresses like dryness and extraordinary temperature changes in their habitats.

Ectoine’s self-defence and survival compound is a pure moisture binder. When it binds with water on the skin it assists to restructure the mobile membrane. This is very powerful at shielding our pores and skin cells from UV damage, fluctuating temperatures and air pollution, as nicely as helping avert early indications of skin damage.

Scientific tests display that Ectoine also has anti-inflammatory qualities which can assist calm skin inflammations. It protects against allergens also and can support soothe skin that is prone to redness and sensitivity.

It’s also considered to boost the result of the skin’s barrier which can assistance lock in dampness for for a longer period.

We have bundled Ectoine in our new formulation to aid boost the skin’s hydration, elasticity and floor composition and support preserve pores and skin seeking plump and smooth.

We’d adore to know what you consider of our new method.

The lowdown on Ectoine - The Pai Life

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