What exactly is a Serum?

What exactly is a Serum?

And how is it distinct to other products and solutions?

What tends to make a serum, a serum?

Serums are our most specific, lively and final results-pushed goods, and have been developed as certain solutions for skin inclined to dehydration, redness or blemishes.

Serum -vs- Moisturiser

More light-weight and liquid than a moisturiser, serums have hugely-concentrated lively elements whose molecules are much lesser than those in a product or lotion – so the formula can deliver those substantial-effectiveness substances substantially more into the skin. Our Back To Everyday living Hydration Serum for example, is a hydrating facial area serum – and the component that it delivers deep into the pores and skin is Hyaluronic Acid, which can have 1000 situations its body weight in drinking water and aid bind it to the pores and skin, making it a genius lively ingredient to consist of in facial serums.

Moisturisers are thicker and creamier than serums and generally contain a better focus of oils, which are likely to operate on the surface of the skin preventing drinking water reduction. In purchase to deal with a challenging skin worry, we propose using your moisturiser as very well as a top quality natural confront serum for delicate pores and skin.

How do they slot into my have pores and skin treatment routine?

Apply your serum at night to dry skin right after cleanser or toner, but right before moisturiser or sunscreen. Imagine of them like taking a dose of really nourishing nutritional supplements with your meal – feeding the skin any important nutrition it could be missing.

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